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Awesome Street Style in Paris

Street style in Paris has been consistently interesting for people interested in fashion. Paris has been one of the fashion capitals of the world for so long that it feels like a background societal fact. Street style in Paris for 2014 continues to help set the stage for fashion trends all over the world.

For street style in Paris, long, stylish coats continue to be as popular as they are in the United States. Warm, woolly coats are as popular as chic linen coats covered in polka dots. Tightly belted coats are especially popular. Belts tend to look good on most coats and with most outfits, and they will look especially stylish in this context. Even tightly belted denim jackets are currently popular, and these can create a casual yet coordinated street style. Many women on the streets in Paris have been seen adding bohemian style accessories to their hair, which can create a casual and yet impressive effect.

Tops with tassels have always gone in and out of style, and they appear to be in style now. Tassels can add a sense of playfulness to many tops, so it’s no wonder that many people like to revisit them. Many people like pinstripes, which can have a slimming and stylish effect. Pinstriped patterns are currently in style. Some people can choose to go the carefree and fun route, while other people can choose to go the route that favors controlled and powerful professionalism. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to street style.

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