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Casual Wear To Work – The Outfits That Are The Most Difficult For Some Of Us

Casual wear to work is a routine happening to people at many workplaces across the country. First, it is important to try to maintain a professional look without getting caught up in casual gear.

You don’t want to show up at work in sandals and shorts in the summer or a shabby sweatsuit and well-worn jogging shoes in the winter. It is best to keep it professional with a casual touch. Let’s take a closer look at the perfect casual wear to work clothing.

Build A Wardrobe

Get started by selecting a wardrobe that easily goes from casual to professional. Build your complete work wardrobe around those basic pieces.

Select your colors. For example, you might select a few neutrals like white, creme, grey, black, or tan. Mix those with flashier accessories.

Start by selecting a few feminine sweaters, flared skirt, slacks, form fitting blazer, dresses with simple lines, a few blouses or shirts, dressy jeans, leather pants, scarves, belts, neutral toned purse and gloves.

Casual Wear to Work

Now that you’ve built your basic wardrobe, it should be easy to turn a professional look casual. Start by layering pieces for the perfect casual look.

For example, a blazer over a white silk blouse that is paired with jeans. Add a few accessories like a silver bangle and small hooped earrings.

Or perhaps, a feminine sweater with a scarf layered over the top with a comfortable cotton or wool blend skirt. Leave the stilettos at home. Wear flats or a pair of leather booties with a smaller heel.

Use your imagination to create your own style with casual wear to work. Keep it on the professional side and leave the shabby chic at home.















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