Jennifer Lawrence: Fashionable and Classy

Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence isn’t known for being a normal celebrity, and this personality statement is shown with her fashion style just as often as it’s broadcast in her interviews. From street clothes to red-carpet dresses, Jennifer is seen in outfits that cater to her need for comfort more than her need to be photographed. 12-inch heels are kicked to the curb, and flats make more appearances. Accessories are always used lightly, going to show that Jennifer Lawrence is flashy enough without them. The skin-tight dresses are always appropriate length, continuously displaying her lack of want for skin-revealing clothes. When cleavage comes into play, it is always presented in a classy outfit designed almost fully for comfort. Jennifer’s recent preference seems to be centered around lengthy skirts and skinny jeans paired with form-fitting tanks, especially during the summer months. She has confidence in her natural body shape and isn’t afraid to show off those perfect curves with unique designs by Christian Dior.


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