Jessica Biel – Classy, Elegant and Casual

The style evolution of lovely starlet Jessica Biel is one of grace and utter poise. From the days of 7th Heaven to her current day catwalk inspired fashion choices, we love every look in between.

In the 1990’s Jessica Biel was a far cry from the woman we see today. Like almost every woman of the 90’s, her wardrobe was full of immature looking halter tops and wedge sandals. Not to mention the horrid tan lines that seemed to be on display during every event and outing. Thank God that decade has passed and her transformation thus far has been astonishing.

Her look has always been comfortable and many have viewed her style as being a bit understated. It seemed that after 7th Heaven she was more motivated to play it safe when it came to expressing her style. She opted for more classic looks and took few risks.

Looking at Jessica Biel now, she isn’t afraid to take chances when it comes to her looks and it exudes an air of pure beauty and confidence. She looks great in anything she wears and she has grown into her own style preferences. Her style choices give many woman an image to strive for.


1-Jessica Biel fashion

2-Jessica Biel fashion

3-Jessica Biel fashion

4-Jessica Biel fashion

5-Jessica Biel fashion

6-Jessica Biel fashion

7-Jessica Biel fashion

8-Jessica Biel fashion

10-Jessica Biel fashion

9-Jessica Biel fashion

JESSICA BIEL at Total Recall Private Screening

12-Jessica Biel fashion

11-Jessica Biel fashion

13-Jessica Biel fashion

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