Selena Gomez: Fashion Icon

Are you inspired by Selena Gomez fashion? The successful young woman is quite the fashionista with her ability to rock just about anything and still end up looking good. Whether you’re going for something casual or classy, you can take a page from Selena’s book to get the look. Although she’s a celebrity, she’s still fond of denim jeans, and often pairs them with either flats or heels. If you’re looking to play it safe with a basic yet cool outfit, consider a solid colored shirt with denim while wearing a pair of black heels.

If you’re wearing a basic shirt, you can top it off with a blazer, much like Selena Gomez has done in the past. If you want to grab attention, a red blazer is perfect, but if you’d prefer something simple, black or grey are both great choices. And, Selena has been seen wearing blazers in each of these colors. She is also known for wearing long scarves that wrap around the neck and hang to waist line. You can wear these scarves with different clothing items, including sweatpants!

Selena Gomez has evolved as a fashionista over time, and you can too. Many of the dresses she wears are strapless selections, paired with classic heels. Strapless dresses in plain colors or with few embellishments are ideal because they’re easy on the eyes and can accentuate your figure, making you feel even more confident.

While she obviously knows how to dress to impress, Selena also seems to be a fan of wearing denim with flannel shirts. Because flannel is making a comeback, it’s one clothing item you may want to consider adding to your wardrobe, especially if you’re inspired and want to dress like Selena Gomez does.

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